Saturday, August 27, 2011

Recalled SVN-35 Not Doing Well

On August 16th, 2011, according to the 2SOPs Satellite Outage File (Outage Calendar link) and NANU 2011-062, PRN-30 (SVN-35) was set healthy, bringing back a satellite previous removed from the constellation.  SVN-35 had been labeled a spare, making it reusable in case it was needed.  That’s just what happened  over the last few months.  According to InsideGNSS:
SVN-35, also a Block IIA satellite, had been decommissioned from active service back in 2009 to make room in the constellation for the launch and eventual deployment of the latest new GPS Block IIR vehicle.
Even while it was removed from the almanac of the active constellation, SVN-35 maintained accurate timing and navigation signals; so, when the need arose for a spare, 2 SOPS analysts knew just where to go.
However, over the last few days, SVN-35 is showing it’s age.

Friday, August 12, 2011

GPS OCX PDR Still Pending - 106 issues noted

Raytheon has 106 Preliminary Design Review (PDR) Issue Notices or PINs to work through - issues that were raised at the June OCX PDR. A team within Raytheon has been working them, to a completion date at the end of August.
An independent OCX PDR review team from the SMC, chartered by Lt. Gen. Pawlikowski, examined plans for completion of the PINs and stated that Raytheon is on track to complete them.
From and article in Inside GNSS: GPS OCX PDR Still Pending against Backdrop of Defense Cuts | Inside GNSS